King Android price

Rarely occurred in recent years, the classic models of Motorola Android system with boom, successive release a variety of products by consumers, Motorola is the most classic of a XT702.

Motorola XT702 mobile phone appearance is very simple, positive control of a few control keys are touch, the whole sense of unity is very strong. Plus a full keyboard with touch screen, but also a great extent, facilitate the user's daily operations. A 3.7-inch high-resolution FWVGA (480 × 854 pixels) level of screen display is outstanding, vivid natural color reproduction. Built-in support for the 500 million pixel auto focus camera with dual LED fill light, it also in the performance of remarkable photographs.

Motorola XT702 Android 2.1 smartphone operating system used, the interface is very high availability, rich resources of third-party software can allow users to achieve a variety of different software development capabilities. In addition, the aircraft to support China Unicom 3G network and Wi-Fi access functions, which greatly improves the user the thrill of surfing the web using XT702, practical, very high.

Samsung Korea launched stylish new Nori F

Samsung in Korea market new mobile phone models fashion Nori F (SHW-A200), mainly for young users, with bright colors and LED-based light-hyun playing, SKT, LG U +, KT will be custom priced 500,000 won.

Samsung SHW-A200 body with dual fold design, offers black, blue, red, yellow in color options, the configuration of 2.8-inch WQVGA-resolution 260,000 color TFT LCD screen, the clamshell design and more pieces LED lights can display customized design, built-in 300W and 130W pixel pixel primary camera video calling camera, support for T-DMB TV, video player, Bluetooth, microSD card expansion capabilities to support the GSM / WCDMA network, Standard 800mAh lithium batteries.