King Android price

Rarely occurred in recent years, the classic models of Motorola Android system with boom, successive release a variety of products by consumers, Motorola is the most classic of a XT702.

Motorola XT702 mobile phone appearance is very simple, positive control of a few control keys are touch, the whole sense of unity is very strong. Plus a full keyboard with touch screen, but also a great extent, facilitate the user's daily operations. A 3.7-inch high-resolution FWVGA (480 × 854 pixels) level of screen display is outstanding, vivid natural color reproduction. Built-in support for the 500 million pixel auto focus camera with dual LED fill light, it also in the performance of remarkable photographs.

Motorola XT702 Android 2.1 smartphone operating system used, the interface is very high availability, rich resources of third-party software can allow users to achieve a variety of different software development capabilities. In addition, the aircraft to support China Unicom 3G network and Wi-Fi access functions, which greatly improves the user the thrill of surfing the web using XT702, practical, very high.

Recommendation 3 different types of mobile phones to send and father

I believe everyone's childhood can not do without his father's strict discipline, when the time is always naughty of us all in the side of the discipline of our fathers; when we make mistakes, my father will always be critical of us; but these are a father's love for us. Every father's wish that their children can in the future a bright future. But when we grow up day by day what means thank father? June 20 is Father's Day, and busy time you may not spare his father's side back to dinner, then choose to buy a cell phone to give your favorite father is also a good choice. Today I gave the father of selected different types of mobile phone, see if it is suitable for your father.

Business school: Motorola XT800

Motorola XT800 is a support network of China Telecom's 3G dual-mode dual standby mobile phone, the aircraft carrying the android system, built a lot of useful business features, including stocks, news and so you can watch real-time, but as a dual-mode 3G/2G dual standby mobile phone can be your good work and life management, very easy, this business is very suitable for your dad.

XT800 cell phone

Motorola XT800 3.7-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels, using Android 2.0 operating system, CPU type is the ARM Cortex A8, the largest expansion of capacity is 32GB, file storage carefree, speed of the machine do not have to worry about. Machine built-in 5 million pixel camera, maximum support 2592 × 1944 pixel photo shoot. Meanwhile, support is compatible with WAPI function of the Wi-Fi wireless Internet access. Built GPS navigation module. The machine supports dual-mode dual standby CDMA2000/GSM, more user-friendly.

Practical School: Nokia C5

Nokia C5 is a low-end Nokia candy bar cell phone, nothing special about the machine and, using the traditional straight keyboard design, compact body design still maintains a style of Nokia, and excellent or very long standby time good for the father who likes practical, so useful a phone is a good choice.

C5 cell phone

Nokia C5 with Straight design, slim and stylish. Body color front as a 16 million 2.2-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 × 320, show excellent results. In the back equipped with a 3.2 million pixel camera, 4x digital zoom, image quality not bad. Nokia C5 equipped with a Symbian 9.3 S60 3.2 smart operating system, CPU frequency up to 600MHz, the system runs very smoothly. C5 to support 3G services and with common functions such as Bluetooth and GPS, the overall performance of practical comprehensive.

Entertainment sent: Altek T8680

Altek T8680 is worthy of the king of camera phones, with 12 million pixels and 3x optical zoom, which is the current commercial camera phone was very powerful. If your dad is a photography enthusiast, choose to believe that a mobile phone to film some minor Highlights in peacetime, or a good choice.

Altek T8680 cell phone

Altek T8680 uses a touch screen candy bar design, with a 26 million color 3.0 inch TFT touch screen, a resolution of 240 × 432 pixels, showing good results. A large machine equipped with a prominent feature is a 12 million-pixel camera, 5 times digital zoom and 3x optical zoom, LED is also equipped with a xenon flash, maximum support 3648 × 2736 pixel photo was taken in support of anti-shake function , the shooting comparable to DC card machine.