Samsung Korea launched stylish new Nori F

Samsung in Korea market new mobile phone models fashion Nori F (SHW-A200), mainly for young users, with bright colors and LED-based light-hyun playing, SKT, LG U +, KT will be custom priced 500,000 won.

Samsung SHW-A200 body with dual fold design, offers black, blue, red, yellow in color options, the configuration of 2.8-inch WQVGA-resolution 260,000 color TFT LCD screen, the clamshell design and more pieces LED lights can display customized design, built-in 300W and 130W pixel pixel primary camera video calling camera, support for T-DMB TV, video player, Bluetooth, microSD card expansion capabilities to support the GSM / WCDMA network, Standard 800mAh lithium batteries.

Waterproof series phones exhibited

Waterproof Mobile Brigade weird

The phone's performance in volume is 4.44 inches high, 2.21 inches wide, while the body was 0.97 inches thick, the weight of it reached 5.49 oz. Also this phone is also wearing a thick rubber material, which will increase its durability. And a circular OLED array and a numeric keypad is located at the outside of the fuselage.

Brigade cell phone

The most elegant waterproof mobile phone

Waterproof mobile phone has been branded as rough and sporty image, but in Japan, good build quality, waterproof tough man can also become elegant your son. SoftBank 824SH is one of Japan's new aircraft in summer 2008, stressed the thin, metal, mobile TV and meet IP5 / IP7 norms of international standards of living water, rainy day with out fear, even if the pool does not fall into harm; phone has 2.8 inch WQVGA screen, 320-megapixel autofocus camera, YAMAHA audio technology and microSDHC support, audio-visual function well, plus water features, whether you are interested in?

Waterproof 824SH mobile phone

824SH's special features is waterproof, but in fact it is also very particular about appearance, with a large number of metallic materials and mirror elements, and will introduce the two series: Active, Elegant 11 colors, bring amazing visual experience.

824SH is a textured good Japanese machine, as only 2.8 inch WQVGA screen, so the volume control in the appropriate context, not too long or generous, 15.3 mm of body thickness, and even the world's thinnest waterproof phone. Have emphasized the 824SH series of metal materials, it brings a very solid texture and translucent grip, most US-gloss chassis, a close look even found it was also mixed the delicate hair texture, it really was consistent Day Machine Super aesthetic style. Of course, such emphasis on the work material, but also for mobile weight to 127g, but on the whole is not heavy-handed, but will find it very stable.